St. Anna Clinic Prague
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About Us

St. Anna Clinic Prague offers a broad range of specialties to meet our patient's healthcare needs.

It is located in a central, though very quiet part of the city next to a public park. The clinic is partner to all Czech and selected foreign insurance companies.

Our philosophy

We believe that healing is not only a physical process but is greatly influenced by our psyche as well. Patient’s comfort and satisfaction can positively influence speed and ease of recovery. We therefore offer not only best professional and technological services but we also provide comfortable place for our patients to stay in.

In pursuing this goal we have expended a large amount of energy and resources into materials, technical equipment and medical equipment. We promise to invest the same amount of energy and attention to detail that we demonstrated while designing the Clinic into every single of our patients.

Individual approach

In our opinion, a high-quality and effective medical care requires getting to know our patients well.

Our specialists take extensive one-on-one time listening and understanding your individual healthcare needs. Consequently, they can provide you with all the relevant informations concerning your care and to encourage your participation in healthcare decisions. We want to make certain that you understand the diagnosis as well as the treatment options.

Should your diagnosis require special services, we are able to arrange the necessary referrals and coordinate your overall treatment plan.


All of our departments are equipped with state of the art technology. Every year, the heads of our medical departments use to visit the world´s most important conferences and forums to ensure that our technological equipment as well as methods of treatment are up to date.

Our staff

We aim to limit the inconveniences the patient experiences and save him as much time as possible.

Our support staff is trained to providing outstanding customer service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

St. Anna Clinic:

internal medicine
address: Lucni 7a/2776
130 00  Prague 3 (map)
phone: +420 284 081 211
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