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One-day Surgery

Our Philosophy

At the St.Anne Clinic, we believe that healing is not only a physical process but is greatly influenced by our psyche as well. Patient’s comfort and satisfaction can positively influence speed and ease of recovery after surgery. We therefore offer not only best professional and technological services but we also provide comfortable place for our patients to stay in.

The inpatient ward was built during the Clinic’s reconstruction in 2013. When the ward was being designed, we utilized the knowledge we gained during professional visits abroad (mainly USA, Japan and Middle East). We adopted the best practices we saw there and molded into the final design of the ward. Highest technological and hygienic standard requirements were clear. However we also strive to deliver the best possible esthetical and comfortable accommodation that is common in top wellness hotels and spas.

In pursuing this goal we have expended a large amount of energy and resources into materials, technical equipment and medical equipment. All of our efforts are reflected in the trust our patients give us in their care. We promise to invest the same amount of energy and attention to detail that we demonstrated in the ward design into our patients.


While designing the patient’s accommodation, we wanted it to reflect our philosophy. We don’t want to offer a short-term solution and passing care. We strive for true quality in all we do.

Therefore the materials used in our patient’s rooms are durable, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. Such materials include but are not limited to marble, granite, beech and walnut wood.

All of our rooms have:
  • High speed Wi-Fi for internet access.
  • System for monitoring patient’s vital functions with integrated alert. The central unit is constantly monitored from the nurse room.
  • Modern, electrically adjustable hospital beds. The beds also have a worktable/food table.
  • Specialized medical nightstands with adjustable height.
  • Patient Terminal with a panic button that immediately summons a nurse (the button is wrist worn).
  • Air-conditioning that is controlled by the patient.
  • Minibar.
  • Safe for storing valuables.
  • Satelite TV with a DVD player.
  • Telephone.
  • Custom made beech wardrobes.
  • Sofas for visitors.
  • And of course flowers to improve the mood.

The rooms are en-suite single bed, so the patient can enjoy their peace and privacy. If a patient wants to undergo a surgery at the same time as a family member and want to be together in the same room, we also offer one two bed room. Furthermore we allow for visitors to stay overnight of the doctor allows it and as such certain rooms are equipped with fold-away beds / pull-out couches.

All bathrooms are made of marble or granite. They are equipped with a toilet, shower, antibacterial soap on the sink, mirror with integrated light, towels and a robe. Basic hygienic necessities (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gels, shampoo etc.) can be obtained from the nurses.

Most rooms have a view into a nice green park and rooms 1,8,9,10,11 and 12 have access to large terrace. In August 2014, this terrace will have out-door sitting arrangements with sunshades.

Food that is served is individually prepared for each patient depending on the type of surgery that they received. If no limitations are set by the doctor, we offer:
  • Breakfast consists of selection of yoghurts, puddings, bakery goods (including croissants and toasts), cereal, ham, cheese, fruit and vegetables, coffee, tea (black, green, herbal, fruit and English) and fruit juices.
  • Lunch and dinner consists of a selection of 2-3 hot dishes. We can also arrange for restaurant delivery from patients favorite place, if the restaurant offers delivery.
  • Anytime a patient can request some refreshments, either for himself/ herself or visitors.
  • If the doctor allows and there is no medical reason not to, food can be served at flexible hours. We strongly observe our hygiene and order rules. Patient’s rooms are cleaned and disinfected at least once a day or if the situation calls for it – immediately. Other communal areas are cleaned several times a day. Surgery/Operation Theater has its own set of very strict hygienic set of rules and regulations.

The Staff

The staff is formed by welcoming and experienced nurses, who take care of maximum of 12 patients at any one time. Therefore there is plenty of time to meet everyone’s needs. Our nurses regularly attend professional courses both in Czech Republic and abroad.

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