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Outpatient surgery: Surgical procedures that don´t require an overnight stay.

Surgical procedures performed without a hospital inpatient admission and an overnight stay are known as outpatient surgery (also named ambulatory, walk-in or same-day surgery).

Technological progress, less invasive surgical techniques and advances in pain control have enabled it for more surgical procedures to be performed on an outpatient basis.

Our experienced and caring specialists provide you with the highest standards in patient care and excellent medical technology.

In addition to general surgery and pre-surgical consultations we specialize above all on prevention, diagnostics and treatment in following fields:
- anal and rectal disorders
- modern painless treatment of external and internal hemmorhoids
- anal fistulas, fissures and abscesses
- excisional surgery - colorectal cancer prevention
- removal of colon polyps
- skin surgery: moles, warts, verruca, cysts, skin tag and skin cancer treatment
- vascular disorders
- breast diseases (mammology)
- treatment of snoring


Safety: Long-term monitoring and studies have confirmed a lower infection rate due to the quicker release from the hospital to the home care.

Comfort: We constantly work on creating the most comfortable conditions for our patients. Nevertheless, the home atmosphere is irreplaceable. Outpatient surgery enables you to recover in privacy of your own home. Many patients consider this as less stressful.

Flexibility: Ambulatory surgery does not depend on the availability of a hospital bed, and thus there is a greater degree of flexibility for patients to schedule the timing of their operation.

Dependability: Scheduled surgery times in St. Anna Clinic are not likely to be delayed by emergencies as that may occur in large hospitals.

Relaxing enviroment: Patients accompanied with their families and friends can relax in privacy in a pleasant environment, read books from our multilingual library, watch satellite TV, use WIFI, sit on a flower-decorated terrace, order refreshments or meals. Al this far from the emergency and trauma situations occurring daily in large hospitals.

Cost: Because there is no hospitalization involved, outpatient surgery is lower in cost than traditional surgery involving a hospital stay.

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